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As a boutique travel agency, we abandon one-size-fits-all travel packages in favor of customized planning, which takes to heart your expectations and vision. We specialize in you.

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Transforming a good trip into an unparalleled experience is our goal. We devote our efforts to crafting engaging, stress-free travel which adds unforgettable moments to your collection of life-long memories. To make this happen, we leverage our exclusive, onsite global connections in the travel industry, and add an experienced advisor whose love of matchless travel experiences is only exceeded by the desire to share it with others.

We combine worry-free planning, insider access, and complimentary amenities which include the world’s best hotels, tours, and cruises to provide you distinctive travel experiences.

Pam Gay

luxe travelers international - owner
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Owner and Luxury Travel Advisor

Pam Gay clocks 11 years with her company, having served countless gratified clients. Her years as an owner of a corporate consulting practice combined with her love of travel put her clients in superb hands. The superior resources available through Travel Experts, Inc., and the Virtuoso luxury travel network, position Pam to elevate your travel ideas in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Let Pam tell you more – in her own words:

When I began traveling in my early 30s, my planning strategy was “a bit relaxed.” On a wing and a prayer, I hoped things would turn out as I envisioned. I relied on serendipity to discover unique opportunities. Fortunately for you, I learned something from this casual approach: a well-thought-out itinerary could provide a deeper dive into the authentic culture than spontaneity ever could. Imagine being in Paris on glorious, sensory overload not realizing that you could have found the artisan shops of your dreams if you had taken a left turn a block ago. Traveling without a customed plan is like rolling dice – the outcome is unpredictable. And as we all know, you just can’t return a bad vacation.
As a corporate traveler who was always on a deadline, I had no idea the extent to which well-planned leisure travel could shape my world and inspire me. Years later, while riding my first water taxi in Venice’s foggy lagoon, I passed the ancient palazzos along the Grand Canal – and I thought of the younger me. It was a dramatic moment. I realized work agendas and deadlines superseded the rewards I could have enjoyed years earlier as a more thoughtful, relaxed traveler. Standing in the fog on that reflective morning, I rededicated myself to making every opportunity count. That’s what I want for you: experiences that inspire, and adventures which connect with your soul.

Whether you want a villa along the cliffs of Positano, a quiet cruise along the Mekong River while discovering Vietnam, a guided walk among the ancient artifacts of Angkor Wat, or a private visit to the winery in greener-than-green New Zealand, I am here to guide and assist you in making your vision reality.

My address book is full of names of dedicated guides from across the globe. They take joy in showing you their authentic part of the world while making you feel as if you’re spending time with a dear friend. Luxury is certainly associated with a sumptuous hotel or a breathtaking cruise, but sometimes it is personal and up-close like sitting on the ground with your private safari guide, quietly watching gorillas munch on bamboo.

I delight in crafting a travel plan that empowers you with confidence to step out into the world. I leave space for you to discover things on your own while working in those special moments you may not have known were possible. Creating a trip for you to remember for years to come is what drives me.

Contact me today. I can’t wait to meet you.